I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, English Russia is one of my favorite blogs evar.  Their two most recent posts really reaffirm this for me.

First we’ve got a post about homeless puppies in the Moscow subway system.  The photos are great (adorable, sad, cute, depressing)…

…but it’s the writing that really makes this post:

The four legged oldest human’s friends demonstrate real smartness such as riding the Moscow metro every morning to get from their suburban places of living to the fat regions of Moscow center. Once they arrive to the downtown they demonstrate different new, previously unseen for the dog skills. Those skills can include “the hunt for shawarma” for example, the popular among Muscovites eastern cuisine dish.

Next we’ve got some photos of Soviet-era condoms

…with the added tibdit that:

Officially [the condoms] were called “product no. 2″, because the product no. 1 was a rubber gas-mask of the same factory.

The writing is clearly written by someone for whom English is not a first language.  It’s weird because the title of the blog makes it seem like it’s intended for an English-speaking audience, but from what I can tell, most of the commenters don’t speak great English, either.  See the about page for outraged Russians who feel like this blog is being too harsh on them:

The site is full of negative info about my native country. Looks like an American anti-Soviet propaganda of Cold War times. Have you guys seen anything in Russia except drowned tractors, street fights and drunk subway bums?..

This blog always has such gems and little cultural insights.  I dunno, maybe they’re only funny to me.

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  1. i’ve kinda just been in awe of your beautiful syntax and grammar in this post.


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