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8/17/2019: I curated a night of Soviet Diaspora poetry here in DC, and it was amaaazing. Info @ Rhizome.

4/15/2019: I teach two classes on the personal essay at Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences, the high school I attended! Thank you 30-year Crossroads teaching veteran Nika Cavat for having me.

4/16/2019: I’ll be on an alumni panel for the 10-year anniversary of the U.C. Santa Barbara Feminist Studies Department.

4/27/2019: In Philadelphia, I’ll be reading at “Poetry of the Soviet Diaspora.”

6/17/2018: I was the featured poet, alongside Deborah Miranda, for Split This Rock’s Sunday Kind of Love. Amazing night, lovely review here.

5/5/2018: I was a featured performer at Dictionary of Marx: A Multimedia Birthday Anniversary, where I shared an original piece about the 80th anniversary of my great-grandmother’s murder.

4/20/2018: I joined Lynn Melnick, Chet’la Sebree, Marina Blitshteyn, and Cathy Linh Che for a panel at Split This Rock entitled “Poetics in the Wake of Sexual, Gendered, and Inherited Violence.”

10/19/2017: I was a panelist at a conference hosted by the The University of Arizona Poetry Center. More information on the panel, entitled “Post Traumatic Lit Disorder: Writing as Performance Against Silence,” is here.

9/19/2017: Read at The Inner Loop reading series in DC, as one of the featured readers and participants in the Woodlawn/Arcadia Residency program.

4/15/2017: Read with the poet Sarah Lawson at PorchFest.

5/18/2016: Read my poetry at Ignition, a one-night gathering of queer poets prior to Capturing Fire, a festival featuring poets and artists from North America and The UK. Details here!

4/16/2016: I was on a panel about “Translation Ethics in the Digital World” at the Split This Rock Poetry Festival. Details here.

3/19/2016: With my Bellwether Education Partners colleague Kaitlin Pennington, I co-led a training for aspiring education writers. Details here.

3/6/2015: I joined other alumni of the Columbia University graduate writing program to talk about “Life After the MFA.”

3/5/2015: I read at KGB Bar in New York City as part of the Columbia Selects series. More here.

10/11/2014: I was a featured reader at my favorite series, the Brooklyn Ladies Text-Based Salon (BLT Salon). More details here.

9/22/2014: I was a guest on The Agenda, a Sirius XM radio news show. More information here.

8/19/2014: I read at The Inner Loop, a reading series in Washington, D.C. More details here.

5/4/2014: Featured reader at IGNITION. I was described as a “multi-genre wonder translator professor poet,” so that was fun. It was a great event–more info on Facebook here.

12/15/2013: Reader at PERFORMETRY (organized by”Writers on the Green Line”). Followed by an open mic! Bloombars in Washington, DC.

10/17/2013: Participant in “Bilingual Readings” at the American Literary Translators Association annual conference (Bloomington, IN). More information here.

2/23/2013: Reading at Brooklyn Ladies Text-Based Salon (BLT). More information on the BLT here!

08/02/2012: Reading for the launch of The Literary Review‘s newest issue. I read alongside poets Cindy Cruz and Geoffrey Nutter and fiction writer Martha Witt. Unnameable Books in Brooklyn, NY. The Outlet reviewed this reading here.

2/11/2012:     Read at women’s text-based salon, monthly event hosted by poet-translator Montana Ray. Brooklyn, NY.

6/23/2011:     Read at the “Summer Fun With Genre” series at Blue Angel Wines in Brooklyn, NY.

3/18/2011:     Featured competitor (representing at Piethos III, a literary competition hosted by Slice Magazine. Brooklyn, NY.

2/28/2011:     Read  at LTAC literary translation reading series. New York, NY.

9/14/2010:     Featured reader at Sideshow Queer Literary Carnival. New York, NY. Other readers included Melissa Febos (Whip Smart) and Rachel Simon (Theory of Orange). Photos here. (Cheryl B., the co-MC of Sideshow, recently passed away. She was a delightful reader, writer, and poet and an amazing member of the queer literary community. More about her here.)

11/5/2009:     Featured nonfiction reader at Columbia MFA gallery night. New York, NY.

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