From the dudes who brought you the Project for a New American Century:

The Foreign Policy Initiative!

(basically PNAC 2.0 but neither better nor improved)

Hurrah! These are the guys who:

  • support an increased use of the U.S. military force in pretty much any situation
  • an increasingly bipolar world with the U.S. (“democracy”) on one side and Russia+China (“autocracy”) on the other
  • comprised the key lobby for the Iraq invasion of 2003
  • and made their way to high positions within the Bush adminisration

From an article on the recent launch of FPI (this link provides a good summary of both PNAC and FPI):

“This reminds me of the Project for the New American Century,” said Steven Clemons, director of the American Strategy Programme at the New America Foundation. “Like PNAC, it will become a watering hole for those who want to see an ever-larger U.S. military machine and who divide the world between those who side with right and might and those who are evil or who would appease evil.”

Yikes.  Keep a look out.   They are hosting their first event as we speak, a series of panel discussions in support of a surge in Afghanistan.

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