Cover of Spring 2010 issue of Fusion Magazine, from Kent State UniversityThe organization where I used to work, Campus Progress, gives funding, training, and mentorship to progressive student publications all across the country. One issue of a Campus Progress-sponsored award-winning publication, Fusion (Kent State University), has finally been released after facing censorship:

The controversial magazine issue includes an eight-page spread featuring cross-dressing models, with the headline “Gender Fuck’d” written in large print above…The three Ohio-based printing companies that rejected Fusion in its final form—Freeport Press Inc. in Freeport, Hess Print Solutions in Brimfield, and Davis Graphic Communication Solutions in Bamberton—cited similar reasons for refusing to publish the magazine.

Read the full story and view the recently-released issue of Fusion over at Campus Progress by my former colleague, David Spett.

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