Zabar's Chocolate BabkaYesterday, I introduced eight or so people to the joy that is Chocolate Babka. If you don’t know this  food, god’s biggest gift to the Chosen people, then go out STAT to Zabar’s on the Upper West Side and get yourself a loaf of this sweet twisted yeast bread.

I of course prefer the chocolate filling to other alternatives (cinnamon, cherry, almond), but any will do.  I highly recommend you go to Zabar’s instead of Whole Foods if you’re in New York City. Also, local bakeries and delies in Jewish and/or Eastern European neighborhoods will probably have a good one.

Also, I love that chowhound has a whole discussion board thread about where to get the best babka in New York City.

Get some now. Stop kidding yourself. You need it. Or come over and help me finish my loaf.