Check out my latest article at the Campus Progress online magazine.  I did a ton of interviews and research to get to the bottom of this question:  Is Facebook making young people less interested in attending their high school and/or college reunions?

The standard line of thought about why you should attend a reunion goes something like this: Find out if the jock is now a nerd, if the nerd is now a stud, and if the head cheerleader married young and already has kids. Yes, some of that shock and surprise might be somewhat diminished because of the ubiquity of online profiles, but that doesn’t eradicate the usefulness of reunions. By checking out other reunion attendees on Facebook, you can quickly dive into a topic you already know you have in common, which can facilitate a more genuine conversation.

Get to the bottom of it by reading my article!  I look forward to any comments or questions.  Post them here or directly at the article.


  1. Some of the people I interviewed for that article have found that facebook registrations spike on major reunion years for that very reason — people want to log on to see the photos.

  2. Au contraire, I’ve found Facebook to enhance class reunions, especially when you’re tagged in incriminating photos the next day

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