I used to blog over at www.t-paperny.blogspot.com, but I gave up on Blogger‘s platform when they made it nearly impossible for me to add a “Read More” link to my posts. So now I’m here at WordPress, and I’m much happier. Hopefully this new template and platform inspires me to blog more often.

Stay posted for more frequent writing about:

  • LGBTQ (QIA…TGTS…OIJSDOIFJSODIJFOSDFJ) movement insider debates, important stories, and more
  • The progressive movement in a post-Bush era (no more easy target!)
  • My artsy photos and stories about life in DC and all my travels
  • The prospects of graduate studies in creative writing (and why that is or is not a waste of time)
  • Russian things, culture, silly photos, stories, and the prospects of…moving there?
  • TEH INTERWEBS (ie funny silly phenomenons, cute puppies, etc)

I hope you’ll join me! (P.S., Pushback has been shut down, but you can still see an archive of some of my writing here.)

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