I was going to continue my new weekly Russia Roundup of Humor tradition, but the biggest piece of Russian news isn’t really funny.  So I’m posting on a Monday to differentiate from Friday’s theme:

UPDATE (5/19): Check out these highly inflammatory remarks from the Moscow mayor’s press secretary.

This past Saturday, Moscow police violently broke up a gay rights parade that was set to coincide with the Eurovision finale.  See video footage and a full roundup here. My favorite blog has a ton of photos of the arrests, and they highlight the irony that the Cyrillic lettering on the police uniform reads backwards as ‘Homo’ in English…

As many as 40 people were arrested, though most seem to have been released already.  One of the charges for arrest was for “walking with a transvestite” (you can see the transvestite in these photos). Mayor Luzhkov has repeatedly referred to these gay activists as “satanists” and allowed a simultaneous anti-gay protest to go on uninterrupted on that same day.


OMG, remember Miss Cleo?! You know, the face and voice for a late night TV informercials promising to read your cards and change your life?

Well after a rough legal battle where she and Psychic Readers Network, her employer, were sued by consumers for being consistently overcharged, she’s come out of hiding. And thank god.

This headline says it all:

The former spokeswoman for the Psychic Readers Network has moved to Lake Worth, has come out as a lesbian, and gotten involved in gay rights. She still gives readings, too.

Now she’s working on a podcast, a poetry CD, voicings for video games, and a TV show. Check out her ridiculous website. The header on her “Press and Interviews” page is my favorite:

“We have only included the media and press that’s full of love and balance.
If you want to read the “other stuff”, you’ll have to go somewhere else.” — Cleo

Didn’t we ban the use of the Papyrus font a long time ago?!

A state legislator in Tennessee has just introduced a bill that would ban any discussion of homosexuality from the state’s public elementary and middle school classrooms:

TEP – HB 821: Prohibits the teaching of or furnishing of materials on human sexuality other than heterosexuality in public school grades K-8.

Rep. Stacey Campfield’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill aims to prevent teachers from talking about the topic. Luckily, the education committee in the Tennessee state house has decided to wait to vote on the bill for a year while they “study the issue.” Currently, individual school boards decide whether or not sexual orientation and gender identity will be discussed within the sex-ed curriculum.

First off, Rep. Campfield has one of those awesome names that used to be for men only, and now is popular for women, too. So that alone is pretty gay.

Second of all, he’s using the argument that he’s not anti-gay–the topic is just too heavy and “confusing” for youngsters to have to face. That’s bullshit. This article quotes Chris Sanders from the Tennessee Equality Project, pointing out Campfield’s homophobia:

“If you can’t mention something, that sends a signal that there is something wrong with it,” Sanders said.

Third, this is the same state rep who apparently introduced a bill to require death certificates for aborted fetuses, and who recently signed onto a lawsuit questioning Obama’s nationality.